Monday, 7 May 2012

Oh dear .... hope I've gotten better!!!

Evening all - just read this on Joey's post and thought I'd give it a bash! Sandra has set a challenge of daring us to show some of our first forays into cardmaking and comparing them to what we make now. Well, how could I resist! 

So here goes!!!

Oh dear! Hopefully I have improved - what do you think??

It's a fun challenge so do pop over the Sandra's blog and join in!!

Sheena xx


karen said...

haha oh Wow Sheena yes you have improved loads LOL!
You are a fabulous card maker, I am just doing mine now, make sure you come see!!
hugs, Karenx

Joey said...

Hiya Hunny, my gosh you have improved, your style is so different to how it was when you started, made me smile with the peel offs, think we all used those when we started,very rare if I do now. Joey xx

Faye said...

Oh Sheena, how can you even ask? Now that sounds terrible. But my first cards were along similar lines, I had limited stash and no colouring utensils! Your cards are ALL stylish, but you're more chic now. :) xx

Liz, said...

Hehe - isn't this fun. Wow, yes totally changed. Your cards are gorgeous,

Liz x

Rebekah said...

Yep definite improvement! I love some of your new cards I think we were all scared of layers in our first creations! hugs Rebekah xx

sandra's crafty corner said...

hi hun
many thanks for joining in on my before and after challenge, your befores are pretty good as they are lol much better than mine where, but your afters are stunning,
hugs sandra xxx

sassy said...

yep deffo improvement...but the basics are there...but look at you it takes a few years practise at this game lol!!! but pays of in the end.....hugglies sassyx

heidy said...

Great cards and you did improve,thanks for sharing!
Hugs Heidy

Sarah said...

Hi Sheena, your early cards are just fine - but your 'now' ones are wonderful! Sarah

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